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Adult Orthodontics

In General

Nowadays an increasing number of adult patients is seeking orthodontic treatment. The main reasons for that trend are:

Smile and facial improvement
Better maintenance of excellent oral hygiene
Avoidance or improvement of periodontal conditions (indicative picture)
Pre-prosthetic orthodontic intervention (indicative picture)
Avoidance of excessive tooth loss

Contemporary orthodontics offer a great variety of treatment options for our adult patients, that all meet their increased aesthetic demands.

Clear braces: they are the aesthetic alternative to conventional, metal braces. In conjunction with aesthetic wires and ligations they offer a discrete solution for the patients that choose an orthodontic therapy with fixed appliances.

Clear aligners: excellent choice with the added advantages of removable appliances. Invisalign® is the most recognized option offering US-made clear aligners. Due to our extensive clinical experience, continuous education, Invisalign-International Speaker Status and implementation of full-digital workflow in our offices every such treatment is individualized and digitally-treatment planned. In that way every patients receive the most efficient, aesthetic therapy in the shortest possible time frame even for the most complex cases.

Case Gallery

Asymmetry, prognathism and posterior crossbite case
Severe crowding and asymmetry case
Ectopic teeth, crowding and asymmetry case
Open bite, constriction and crowding case